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Animal well-being


Great beef comes from happy cattle. We’re here, everyday, with one goal – to make the environment in which our cattle live as stress-free as possible, whether that’s in a pasture, finishing in the barn or being transported to the butcher. Our priority is to mitigate stress for cattle like weather, pasture conditions, feed changes, poor handling and transport…all which can cause problems and disease. Happy cattle are healthy cattle. Low-stress cattle reach finished weight more efficiently (saving resources) and finish at a more consistent quality. You will see evidence of our careful management in the deep color and tenderness of our beef.

We raise our animals according to proper Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) protocols to ensure correct animal care, handling and management practices. We live and conduct business with long established pride and values. These values can be seen in every aspect of what we do. From the crops we grow, to the care our cattle receive and the relationships with our suppliers, customers and various partners. We are committed to conducting business that is transparent for our customers, caring of our animals and mindful to our planet. Be confident knowing our Red Angus cattle were raised, fed and butchered with the utmost respect and care.

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