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As first generation cattle ranchers, our passion for cattle and the beef industry grew over many years. We created Bow Creek Farm Beef to bring an exceptional product to consumers craving high-quality beef. We know what it takes to craft premium beef. Raising superior cattle with a specialized diet in a low-stress environment is the formula we use to provide some of the finest beef available.

Exceptional beef starts with exceptional cattle. For us, that’s Red Angus. Like Black Angus, Red Angus are known for high marbling and tenderness carcass traits but also known for their calm disposition, efficiency of weight gain, and calving ease.

We found that breeding cattle with low-stress traits is a critical first step to crafting beef that is tender, flavorful and healthy. We work diligently to continually improve our beef quality through industry-leading Red Angus cattle genetics. Bow Creek Farm often works with other cattlemen seeking to improve their herd’s performance with our Registered Red Angus seed stock.

But great beef doesn’t just come from great cattle. Diet and environment play important roles as well. Our pasture-raised cattle are fed a nutritious blend of free choice hay, alfalfa and our proprietary grain ration during the finishing phase to ensure a rich taste and the marbling you expect from high-quality beef. Happy cattle are healthy cattle. Creating stress-free environments for our cattle is critical. Mitigating stresses due to weather, pasture conditions, feed changes, handling and transport is our daily priority. We raise our animals according to proper Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) protocols to ensure correct animal care, handling and management practices. Be confident knowing our Red Angus were raised with the utmost respect and care – evident in our consistently superior beef product. Evidence you can see in the deep color of our beef and evidence you can taste in the incredible beefy flavor and tenderness of Bow Creek Beef.

Bow Creek Beef is hand-cut by skilled, local USDA Inspected butchers where, according to our specifications, the entire carcass is dry aged for 21 days to naturally tenderize and enhance the flavor. If you’ve never tasted dry-aged steak, burgers or roasts you are in for a treat! Dry-aging is the icing-on-the-cake that can take an everyday meal and turn it into a delicious, memorable meal to share with family and friends.

As a small farm in Central Pennsylvania, Bow Creek began supplying local hotels and high-end restaurants with premium beef; has established a retail store on the farm; and NOW brings the farm to you with online beef sales! If you’ll be in the area, please visit the on-farm beef shop to purchase cuts by the pound – it’s a great way to save on Premium Red Angus Beef! The farm store offers all of the cuts featured online and more. Please email or call for an in-store cut/price list.

Whether it’s in the pasture or on the plate, we take great pride in what we do. At Bow Creek Farm, our ultimate mission is to bring you the most tender, juicy, and flavorful beef available. Every Bite…Every Time.

We are excited that you have chosen to enjoy Bow Creek Dry-aged Red Angus Beef!

Why is dry-aged beef better?

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