Dry-aging beef

Taste the Difference and Tenderness of Dry-aged Beef

What is dry-aging and why do we do it? To start the dry-aging process our local USDA Inspected butchers hang the entire carcass in a cooler for 21 days per our specifications. During this time enzymes naturally occurring in the meat
tenderize the muscle fibers and connective tissue. As the carcass ages, moisture continues to evaporate from the muscle concentrating that “beefy” flavor.

At Bow Creek Farm our goal is to craft beef with the tenderness and flavor only found at high-end steak houses. Wait until you taste the difference!

Our beef may appear darker or deeper in color than some beef you’d find in your grocery store. This deep color is a result of ensuring our cattle are born, raised, fed and butchered in a low-stress environment. Our number one focus is to make sure our cattle are happy and healthy. This is very important to achieve an exceptionally tender and flavorful cut of beef! We manage stress by selecting for docile temperament of the Red Angus cattle we breed; optimizing their living conditions; monitoring their feed; and managing how they are handled. We choose to partner with USDA Inspected butchers that are close by (to minimize traveling stress) and butchers that we know will handle our cattle with care and have the expertise to hand-cut an awesome piece of beef!

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